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Thread: Dolphins mail :)

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    Dolphins mail :)

    Hey guys just a few things mainly from the last show i worked and some cheep ebay pickups.
    1st a card i have been wanting for a long time.
    1999 SPA John Avery RC #/2000 Doesnt sound like much but gets me closer to having all the Dolphins SPA rc's.

    then a new tanny add
    Prestige Gold. (trade)

    A new Gadsden Holo Gold #/199

    Few Tannehill jersey cards (both in trade)

    Strata #/296

    New Egnew #/99 (trade)

    and lastly.
    A Contenders Koa Misi Auto RC this is a SP and needed it for my Dolphins Contenders PC.

    Thats it for now guys thanks for looking.

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