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    Colin Kaepernick gets free Red Robin for life if he wins the Super Bowl;_ylv=3

    This may be one of the more interesting incentives any football player could receive. Restaurant chain Red Robin, upon hearing that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick really likes its food, decided to throw down the gauntlet and offer the second-year star free eats at any Red Robin he wants for the rest of his life ... as long as his team wins Super Bowl XLVII.

    Here's part of the ad that appeared in the Thursday edition of the San Francisco Chronicle:

    Dear Colin:

    We’ve seen your name being thrown around the news quite a lot lately, and everyone at Red Robin is ecstatic that you’re a fan of our craveable burgers and our restaurant is a “favorite haunt of [yours].” Let’s just say there has been an abundance of bicep kissing and screams of “touchdown!” among our Red Robin Team Members lately.

    We can imagine how focused you must be on the big game this Sunday, but as you prepare to lead your teammates to victory on the field, we wanted to offer an additional incentive in return for your love of Red Robin. And since we’ve already got the ‘Red’ covered for The Red and Gold, we thought you needed something gold.

    So here’s our golden offer: If you emerge as the winning QB on Sunday, we’ll give you free Red Robin for life. We’re game — are you?

    The letter, signed by Red Robin CEO Steve Carley, states that the chain will also offer a free Tavern Double Burger to any patron in the San Francisco area with the purchase of another if the 49ers pull off the sixth Super Bowl win in the franchise's history.
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    lol I almost cussed haha. Ehem........ Darn! That's awesome they are doing that. Most places wouldn't consider doing that much. That is of course if they win.

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    "Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here". Jack Nicholson
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    That is awesome. Imagine free Freckled Lemonade and Endless Fries and those delightful burgers forever. *drool*
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    I have never had Red Robin before but this is awesome

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    bottomless fries!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RGM81 View Post
    That is awesome. Imagine free Freckled Lemonade and Endless Fries and those delightful burgers forever. *drool*
    Kaepernick wins Super Bowl and then shows up next season weighing 400 lbs
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    Very cool gesture from the CEO. Red Robin is very good food, especially the burgers.

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    I wonder, if Kap completes 7 of 34 pass attempts for 84 yards, 0 TDs and 6 INTs, but the 49ers still win because Gore has the best game of his career and the defense shuts down the Ravens offense, will they still give him free Red Robin for life?

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    Would have been much better if it ended. "But if you lose, you will be forever barred from our restaraunts. Red Robin refuses to be associated with losers Colin."

    At least that would give the guy something to play for...

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