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    12/13 Artifacts & 12/13 Black Diamond

    picked up a box of artifacts today and it was pretty solid; the black diamond was from awhile ago. all is available ft/fs.

    first the black diamond:

    Jason Zucker <><><><>
    Michael Stone <><><>
    Shawn Hunwick <><><>
    Andrew Joudrey <><><>
    Reilly Smith Ice /999

    Brad Marchand
    Corey Perry
    Derrick Brassard

    the rest:
    Jonathan Toews All-Star <><><><>
    Brad Park <><><> RUBY /100
    James Van Reimsdyk <> RUBY /100
    Dustin Brown Championship Rings

    now onto Artifacts:

    matt moulson blue parallel /85
    johnny bower /999
    dustin tokarski team canada /999

    Mike Connolly /999
    Jeremy Welsh /999
    Montreal Redemption: Alex Galchenyuk?!

    Jordan Staal/ Kris Letang Tundra Tandems
    Mario Lemieux All-Star Treasured Swatches
    Ryan Getzlaf Team Canada Dual Jersey /125

    and the hit of the box:

    Ryan Getzlaf Dual Jersey Auto 12/12!!
    I collect JORDAN EBERLE & Sam Steel & Martin Brodeur & New Jersey Devils. Also Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas & Broncos Greats. Also looking for Star YGS & SPX AU RC JSY; Wantlist ---> Hidden Content
    Bucket: Hidden Content

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    please let me know if anything in my bucket interests you for the Getz Auto /12.

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    please pm me a price on the Dustin Brown Championship ring
    Main wants: Anze Kopitar, Taylor Hall
    Project: 2006-07 Fleer Hot Prospects Rookie Authentic Patch Auto's (20/41)
    LOOKING FOR Anze Kopitar Marks of a Nation "S" "O" "N" "I" "A" (SLOVENIA)

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    Please lmk if we can work out a trade or trade/cash for the Montreal RC Redemption.



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