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    5 box SPA break - Russell Wilson! Nick Foles! SOTT out of 5!

    Sold a bunch of stuff over the last couple weeks, waiting for SPA. Here's what came out of about five boxes, all of which I enjoyed. I'll list the hits below, along with the photographs. I don't know how clear my crappy cell phone pics will turn out.

    Biggest hit - a Sign of the Times dual autograph, out of FIVE, of Arizona State's Jake Plummer and Brock Osweiler. Beautiful card, numbered 3/5, perfect condition.

    Got six patches in five boxes, which is always nice to see. None of the official top tier guys, but a very solid group.

    - Alshon Jeffery, 2 color
    - Kendall Wright, 2 color
    - Russell Wilson, 2 color and 3 breaks
    - Dwight Jones, 3 color
    - Kendall Wright, 1 color
    - Jeff Fuller, 2 color

    Not a bad start to potentially making this set. Love the Russell Wilson.

    Got three Rookie Threads as well. Very striking cards, a bit more colorful than last year's edition.

    - Nick Foles
    - Cyrus Gray
    - Russell Wilson

    Both Russell Wilson auto-memorabilia cards! Very awesome, especially in Big Ten country.

    My other autos were as follows:

    - Base auto of Aaron Corp (Richmond QB)
    - Base auto of Courtney Upshaw (Alabama LB)
    - SOTT auto of Jordan White (Western Michigan WR)
    - SOTT auto of TJ Graham
    - SOTT auto of Dwight Jones

    No Stadium Authentics of any kind. Thought I had one at one point, but it turned out to be two RPA's instead.

    Of the 1994 SP's, I got two of the die-cuts: Dont'a Hightower and Andre Branch. I also got five legends, and notable rookies include Cousins, Blackmon, and Weeden.

    Of the Canvas cards, I got one rookie SP (Kirk Cousins) and two legends SP's (Elway and Aikman). Regular cards in this included Trent Richardson, and Ryan Tannehill.

    I also have four extra base sets, in case anyone needs them.

    Weirdly enough, for a Michigan fan and a Big Ten fan, I got a ton of my conference's players, especially Spartans. I got Kirk Cousins, Keshawn Martin, and Edwin Baker in the Canvas cards, those same three in the 1994's, and the BJ Cunningham SP in the base set. I also got a ton of other Big Ten players, although no Michigan inserts.

    Overall, I loved the break. Message me if there's anything you're interested in!
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    nice breaks!


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    I think Russell Wilson would be considered top tier. Nice break man!

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    Russell Wilson IS top-tier, and I said so when I was in college. But UD didn't think so.

    Maybe I should design the checklist next year.

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    Very nice, congrats. Can't tell from the scans, any of your RPAs #d 264/....?
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    nice hits...any Cliff Harris or Lavasier Tuinei or LaMichael James base?

    pm works best
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