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    SCF Football Card Traders February 2013 trading thread

    Current membership:

    Abby78: Primary team--Pittsburgh Steelers
    Secondary teams--Pittsburgh Pirates, Penguins, Panthers (college), Penn St.

    Hobbyfan: Primary team: New York Giants
    Secondary team: New York Mets, New York Jets

    Jebures: Primary team: Denver Broncos
    Secondary team: Chicago Cubs

    UMCanes#1: Primary team: Dallas Cowboys
    Secondary team: Miami Hurricanes

    Mlkman: Primary team: Washington Redskins
    Favorite players: Chris Cooley

    Romulusvex: Primary team: Cincinnati Bengals
    Secondary team: New York Knicks

    Dawson16: Primary team: Kansas City Chiefs
    Secondary team: Kansas City Royals

    Mr715: Primary Team: Detroit Lions

    BigCoop70: Primary team: Green Bay Packers

    Crosby87: Primary team: New England Patriots
    Secondary teams: Michigan Wolverines, Pittsburgh Pirates, Steelers, & Penguins

    Hippieman556: Primary team: Philadelphia Eagles

    Herdfan13: Primary team: Chicago Bears
    Secondary team: Marshall Thundering Herd

    Jradford: Primary team: Miami Dolphins

    WHyFly: Primary team: Atlanta Falcons
    Secondary team: Missouri Tigers

    Comatoad: Primary team: San Diego Chargers
    Secondary team: San Diego Padres

    Brandon711: Primary team: Baltimore Ravens
    Secondary teams: Baltimore(no Indianapolis) Colts, Baltimore/Washington Bullets/Wizards, Baltimore Orioles, Maryland Terrapins

    Harvey615: Primary team: Tennessee Titans
    Secondary teams: San Francisco 49ers, Alabama Crimson Tide

    Sportscardrage: Primary team: Jacksonville Jaguars

    JDOE: Primary team: Indianapolis Colts

    Available teams: Bills, Browns, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Panthers, Raiders, Rams, Saints, Texans Vikings


    1. Hobbyfan/Romulusvex/Crosby87
    2. Dawson16/BigCoop70/WhyFly/JDOE
    3. Abby78/Herdfan13/Harvey615
    4. Mlkman/jradford/sportscardrage
    5. Jebures/UMCanes#1/hippieman556
    6. Mr715/Comatoad/Brandon711

    February trading schedule:

    Groups 1 & 3
    Groups 2 & 6
    Groups 4 & 5

    Note: Sportscardrage rejoins us this month after a lengthy absence. Make him feel welcome again, won't you?

    Full rules & regulations can be found in our November 2009 thread, which is at this link:

    If you know someone who wants to join us, please PM me or a moderator. If you have any questions, please PM any of us.

    Now, let's start trading!!

    Moderator: Please sticky this thread ASAP. Thank you.

    Edit, 2/3/13: JDOE, referred by Madman1978, is our new Colts rep.
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    "You can't have an oversight committee on stupidity!"--Woody Paige, "Around the Horn", 2/11/08

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    JDOE: Here's a suggestion.

    Since you have to post a trade with Comatoad, I would think it covers both of your groups, since you both are members of Madman1978's group. One trade covers it all, and you won't have to duplicate.
    "You can't have an oversight committee on stupidity!"--Woody Paige, "Around the Horn", 2/11/08

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    I have a solid Ravens lot and an excellent Lions lot ready. I'm just waiting for Mr715 and Brandon to accept my trade requests before I ship them out. The Lions lot is probably the nicest out of all of my trades this month, but I tried to make them all good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDOE View Post
    Okay, I think I have everything straight now.

    In this trade group I have to send to Mr715, comatoad and Brandon711.

    In the TEAM COLLECTOR'S GROUP I have to send to jradford (Dolphins), BigCoop70 (Packers), comatoad again, NBSII (Cowboys) and mlkman (Redskins).

    Hey comatoad, I have one decent lot of Chargers for you, but then I'm pretty much cleaned out of Chargers. I guess even though we're supposed to trade in both groups, we should just do one trade, right? Stupid question, I know. I have plenty of them!
    That's ok. When you're done with your chargers, you could always send Padres cards, if you collect baseball at all.

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    Anybody else get their February trade rejected by WHyFly?

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    I just finished a January trade with WhyFly. He may not have enough cards of your team to warrant a deal. I recommend PM'ing him first before posting trades.

    Speaking as we were of February trading, I sent a Steelers lot to Abby78 today, and have the Bears ready to go on Monday. Waiting for Harvey615 to confirm, and have sent him a PM on this matter.
    "You can't have an oversight committee on stupidity!"--Woody Paige, "Around the Horn", 2/11/08

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    Received lots from Mlkman (Jan) and hobbyfan (Feb) yesterday. Sweet Steelers cards from both. My February trades will be going out this week to Hobbyfan, Romulusvex and Crosby87.

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    Lots sent to Mr715 and Comatoad

    Still waiting on brandon711 to confirm

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    Lot sent to Mr715 today. Enjoy!

    I'm just waiting on brandon711 to confirm.

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    February trades with Hobbyfan, Romulusvex and Crosby87 mailed today.

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    Good Evening Everyone! I ran this by Jacob already and he gave me the go ahead, so here goes...

    I finally decided it's time to move as much stuff as I can and dwindle down everything non PC. I have a mix of base, serial #, Rc's etc. Some teams have most but not all. I have the following teams so if you would like to make a one time team for team trade please post up a deal if you are interested. The numbers next to the team are the amount of cards in the lot...

    Lions 26
    Chargers 22
    Titans 26
    Redskins 29
    Browns 25
    Cardinals 26
    Giants 26
    Bengals 37
    Eagles 44
    Buccaneers 28
    Raiders 34
    Jets 39
    Ravens 37
    Broncos 40
    Chiefs 29
    Falcons 30
    Bills 43
    Seahawks 20
    Saints 34
    Vikings 24
    Texans 25
    Rams 31
    Bears 25
    49ers 60

    SCF BGS Bulk Grading Submissions available! Hidden Content

    | Hidden Content |Hidden Content |

    Do you know of a LCS not on this list, if so post Hidden Content and let us know about them!

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