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Thread: Best Auto of January

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    Mine are TTM: Jim Bunning on a 1958 Topps for my set
    IP at Astros Caravan: Bud Norris on a 2012 AG for newly started set. Coolest person to meet was Justin Maxwell as he was super friendly but also enjoyed talking with Larry Dierker. He was happy to see the 1966 Topps I brought for him to sign and actually showed all the other ballplayers the card after he signed it. That was pretty cool.

    Bud Norris 2012 AG.JPGJim Bunning 1958T.JPG
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    Didn't do or get any Ttm this month, but my best ip autos wewere Hyun-Jin ryu of the dodgers, former sd charger Shawn merriman and mma legend bas rutten.

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    IP: Doug Martin (Tampa Bay Bucs): 2 signed 8x10s and pic with (photos in bucket)
    IP autos and pics with athletes:
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    My ttm sends have dropped off significantly. I would say Jim Tressel on a custom B-W Topps Magic card from his playing days (1970s) because he included a hand-written note. I also had my longest return ever at over 1,000 days: Brian Sipe, 1980 MVP.

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    For the first time in I don't even know how long, I didn't get any graphs in a month- January.

    Hint Hint: I already got a pretty good one in February :) stay tuned.
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    Once again, Has to be Kyrie
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