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    One Hextall card today, and it goes with this...

    Today was an good mail day thanks to my friend, Huskytom. We worked a deal for this ReMARKable Ron Hextall card:

    I think it goes nicely with these three other Ron Hextall cards:

    What do you think about the addition to my ever expanding Hextall collection?

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    Hey so you were able to work out a deal on it, BIG CONGRATS!!!!!!!

    Looks amazing now thats it completed

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    Cripes Don, that'

    Which one of you 2 guys has the better collection, that's the burning question for me :D
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    All Keslers All The Time

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    I do, of course. :-)

    I think Huskytom wanted other cards, so we worked the deal. I hope we both got what we wanted. Me the card and Huskytom some $$.

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    I almost bought that card, but then realized id rather spend the cash on Lindbergh....fantastic pickup for your small collection of Hextall memorabilia ;)

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