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    Any team that gets him is getting a great QB in return. No idea where he is going to play, just hope that it isn't Philly.

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    I for one am a huge Niner fan, i have never really liked Smith as i never thought he was QB that could get us to the Big Game> i think the only reason why he has been so successful is that he has been better coached and was given a VERY SAFE game to play under Harbough , i was extremely surprised he lost the starting job so quick as he did and the past 2 years everyone has seen what a great guy he is to have on their Team. Again im not a Smith fan and never was but i think he has gained alot of respect from alot of people > me included > i hope he goes to a Team he wants to play for and ends up having a fine career

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    I wouldnt mind him going to the vikes. Ponder is terrible.
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    ponder hasn't really had time to develop. Although he was very inconsistent. He had a lot of games where he had less than 20 pass attempts. He did have some really good games though. I think ponder needs a couple more years and he will be stable. Smith isn't that big of an upgrade long term. He needs to go to a team that has a good qb coach as a head coach that will be around at least a few years. It wouldn't surprise me to see the raiders drop Palmer and get smith for less money. Who knows where he will wind up though.

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