As well as making a name for himself on the football field, Houston Texans’ defensive end JJ Watt is quickly establishing a growing reputation as a nice guy off the field too.

When the football star learned about a YouTube video of a six-year-old girl crying because her mom had told her she wasn’t 25 and therefore old enough to marry Watt, he posted on his Facebook page that he wanted to meet her.

The video featured young Breanna, sobbing and feeling very sorry for herself.

‘I wish I was 25,’ she sobbed.

‘Why do you wish you were 25?’ her mother asks.

‘So I could marry JJ Watt.’

‘Do you love JJ Watt?’


‘He's handsome, isn't he?’

'Mm-hmm,' she nodded through the tears.

Someone sent Watt a link to the video and he decided he wanted to do something about it.

'I saw the YouTube video,' explained Watt. 'I hate to see tears on my fans. So we put it out there on Twitter and Facebook to see if we could find her.

The two meet in person at the Houston Texans' Reliant Stadium on Wednesday.

'She didn’t know I was going to be there. When she walked in, I had flowers and was down on one knee with a ring in my pocket,' explained Watt.

'I asked her if she would be my pretend wife for a day. She said yes of course.'

Watt brought along one of his white jerseys to act as a pretend wedding dress and the couple had their first dance to her favorite singer Justin Bieber.

'It was a very cool day. Very special to see such a smile on her face. To have the ability to do that is so neat. Anytime I can give back to the fans. I want to do something if I can,' said Watt.