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    looking for mcfarlanes 49ers, aaron rodgers; sf giants

    I am looking to purchase or trade for 49er mcfarlanes; montana, rice, young, lott, gore, crabtree. Also looking for aaron rodgers, and SF giants mcfarlanes.
    I am also looking for military mcfarlanes, which have not been released since 2008.

    I have available
    peyton manning (broncos)
    tim tebow (jets)
    matt ryan (falcons)
    brett favre (jets)
    RG III

    I have a few others as well. Then ones in my area that are easy to get are rob gronkowski, Eli manning and Tebow. Jeremy Lynn.

    I have a Toys R Us. Target and a gib 5 to look for figures in baseball, basketball, football and Hockey. If you are looking for a figure let me know who it is and i will look

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    I have a few different Bonds figures if interested. LMK

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    I have a Terrell Owens 49ers figure still in package

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    i've got a collectors edition Barry Bonds 756 homerun figure if interested.

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