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Thread: FOR SALE: Lots of Team Base???

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    FOR SALE: Lots of Team Base???

    I have base cards of 24 NFL teams which I'm trying to essentially get rid of. There are plenty of good guys in them like Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, Andre Johnson, Joe Flacco, Josh Freeman, Ben Roethlisberger (30 different ones), etc.

    Anyone want a box full of base for a mere $15? Teams only, no individual players. I want to move stuff in MASS!

    Thanks for looking!

    NOTE: Inserts are included, but RCs are not.

    Teams on Hold:

    NY Giants
    CLE Browns
    MIN Vikings
    WAS Redskins
    DET Lions
    PIT Steelers
    DAL Cowboys
    GB Packers
    NE Patriots

    I would say the best teams that I have card wise would definitely be BAL Ravens, and HOU Texans. Both of those teams have a lot of the big dogs in them (Flacco, Rice, Schaub, Foster, Johnson)
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    Anyone interested... Steelers are a pretty good lot with 30 Big Ben's, 20 Hines Ward, and 19 Polamalu just to name a few players in that lot.
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    Can I have a brief over view of the Dolphins lot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhinsPhan77 View Post
    Can I have a brief over view of the Dolphins lot?
    10 Reggie Bush, 3 Dan Marino, 13 Davone Bess, some Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, some guys no longer on the team, but they are in Phins uni (i.e. Ronnie Brown, Brandon Marshall)
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    BUMP... anyone interested?
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    Thursday afternoon Bump.
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