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    My best this years mailday - must see! ;) (Part 1)

    Hello guys,

    I have first year anniversary with Michal Neuvirth collection so I bought same high end cards to celebrate it. This is first part of it and I believe that second part arrives soon!

    I will start softly...

    Artifacts Tundra Tandems jersey

    Czech OFS jersey card

    ...a little bit better cards...

    Black Diamond Gemography

    Nice and rare Be a Player Rc /99

    ...almost finnish for today...

    Panini Anthology (5 colors - that is nice I believe :) )

    ...and the winner is...!!!

    Upper Deck Black Lettermen /499

    ...which means this

    Thank you very much for it John - it is beautiful!

    I hope all of you enjoy it, see you in part two (which will be only about high end cards so definately check it as well), if you have any card/s of Michal Neuvirth, please PM, I am happy for every offer and as always - comments are welcomed! :)

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    Big congratulations on completing your nameplate.
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    Wow, very nice! Love to see people complete those nameplates...Congrats on your accomplishment!
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    The complete nameplate is a big accomplishment. The Czech OFS jersey card isn't something you see every day, either. Good stuff!

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