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    2 packs SPGU and 1 box of Black Diamond

    I stopped in to my LCS last night and again this am and both times there was 1 pack of SPGU on the shelf. After reading the stuff that came out of last packs in various threads here I decided to try my luck...both times. I should have saved my money on those 2 lol

    Pack 1
    Maxime Sauve rc auto

    Pack 2
    Rick Nash/ Mike Richards dual team Canada jersey

    The Black Diamond box was much better. Here are the main hits....

    Tukka Rask Jersey
    Tukka Rask jersey... yep 2 of the same
    Robert Mayer rc <><><>
    Ales Hemsky <> Ruby /100
    Gabriel Dumont RUBY RC 58/100 <><><><>
    Chris Kreider rc <><><><>
    Championship Rings Joe Sakic
    Hardware Heroes Brian Elliot 99/100

    All FS/FT.... scans to follow

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    Wow, that Black Diamond box was incredible! Great stuff.

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