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    Past Couple Months of Mail and My First Set Completion

    Well I hope everyone is having a good day and hopefully your NHL team is off to a good start! Anyways these are my past couple months of PC (Blackhawks and other Chicago Sports teams except for Cubs) mail. Also in this post is a milestone I accomplished as a collector: my first set completion. I opened had opened 2 or 3 boxes of 10-11 Donruss before I decided to tackle the base set as well as the rookies! I really enjoyed it and want to thank everyone for helping me out! This community is truly great! Ok enough with the talk, heres the stuff:

    First off the completed Donruss set. I decided to just show off some of the big rookies to save everyones time :)

    Now onto the PC stuff

    A couple inserts:

    That set is done now I have decided to move on to another set: 10-11 Donruss Les Gardiens. I only need these 3:
    2 Roberto Luongo
    5 Marc-Andre Fleury
    8 Craig Anderson


    Game Used:


    My favorite card I have recieved in the last couple months:

    Some of you Toronto Raptors fans may know Marco Belinelli as he played for you guys for a short period of time, but now he is on the Bulls. During the lockout I expanded my liking of basketball a lot. So much I had to order NBA League Pass (NHL Center Ice for Basketball)!

    And finally, what better way to end then on a whale! This card showed up once or twice on the boards or on Feebay before I took a break from the hobby for a little bit. Without further adue, here it is.

    And the whole why I got it was on the back:

    Thanks for the look guys I really do appreciate any comments!


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    Nice Donruss set. The two-sided "Team Rookie" card reminds me a little of the 01-02 Titanium double-sided jersey cards. Yours is nicer b/c it has the autos!

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    Awesome that you caught a whale, and beauty Belinelli! I actually saw him play a few times in Toronto before he left. Sweet design as well. Amazing pickups overall!

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