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    January Mail: We finally DROPped the puck to play for the ULTIMATE TREASURE: THE CUP

    Boy, that title was a stretch.

    I thought I would recap what I got over the past month. After a wonderful, cost efficient Christmas, I probably spent too much money in the month that followed haha. I guess that just means no more spending for me until school is over. I actually think this will be the perfect time for me to finally practice some discipline. Onto the show!

    A nice swap with Mike Martz(oilerscollector):

    He was kind enough to add this as an extra

    A trade with bladesofsteel:

    This makes up the "Treasure" portion of the title

    From max91ess:

    The "Ultimate"

    From eBay:

    A nice Oil "Drop" on the Eberle Patch

    And my new favorite card, and a Whale of mine...

    "The Cup" Jordan Eberle Autographed Rookie Patch /99! I finally decided to buck up, save some money, and make a pitch for one. With this, now I don't really feel a need to buy any more cards for a long time. I may want some stuff that comes up, but this is going to be my spending break for a few months. I'm always willing to trade, but purchases are a no-go for me for now.

    Thanks for looking, and for putting up with the lame title!
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    Sick Eberle Cup APR. Just a beautiful tic-tac-toe goal by him and Hall last night, just BEAUTIFUL!

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    ive been considering doing the same...for the same card. Congrats.

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    Love that dual auto with Hopper and Eberle

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    Nice Pickups. I really like the National Treasures Eberle.
    Most Wanted: 1998-99 O-Pee-Chee Chrome Refractor 127 Ulf Samuelsson,
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    Lame titles are allowed, especially when you show cards like that! Some crazy-sweet patches in those cards. Very nice of oilerscollector to add the Limited Prime card, too.

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