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    ***Daily Call For: Atlanta Hawks & HOF/Superstar Rookies-Relics-Autos!***

    Hey everyone, I would like to continue to add towards my Hawks PC. I am looking for anything that fits the title description. Feel free to post what you have and what you like of mine. I will buy, but be warned I will only consider if it is BELOW Ebay value!

    What I Am Willing to Trade For:
    Atlanta Hawks:
    Vintage Hall Of Fame, Serial Numbered, Relics, Patches (Multi-Colored Only!), Autographs, 1/1's!
    Hall Of Fame/Future Hall Of Fame: True Rookies & Autographs

    ***Always will consider Trade Bait!***

    My Rules Of Trading:
    1) I GO BY SELL VALUE! If I want a card, I will offer what I feel seems right for that card! Please do not rant on this, it is a Personal Collection!
    2) I Do NOT Trade Down in Value, Unless I am Offered a Really Nice Card and Well into My End or When I Really Need a Card
    3) Sorry, But I am not available to ship everyday! So please if you cannot show patience, do not trade with me!
    4) When Trading, I Trade For Similar Cards Auto/GU for Auto/GU *NOT Your Rookies for My Auto*
    5) When Shipping, I Ship All Cards of Low-End Value IN A PWE! I Safely Package, & This Saves Time & Money (PM me if this is a problem!)
    6) Have Fun!
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    Bump! Anyone?

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    Up for today!

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    Bump this up, near the 300 card mark for the PC!

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    Bump this up!

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    Bump this up!

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    Bump this up!

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    Bump this up! Minor update to haves!

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    Bump this up!

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    It's been a while, but got a few items! Anyone want to trade?

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    Bump this up! Still always willing to add to the Hawks PC!

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