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    Panini America Inks Trading Card Deal with Projected No. 1 Overall Pick Geno Smith

    NEW ORLEANS – Panini America, the world’s largest sports and entertainment collectibles company, announced on Friday that it has reached an autograph and trading card agreement with former West Virginia superstar quarterback Geno Smith for the 2013 NFL season. The deal is Smith’s first officially licensed NFL and NFL PLAYERS trading card deal and will include Smith’s first licensed autographed trading cards.
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    I cant find a shaking my head smiley, so I will just do the three that closest show my thoughts on this :




    I really, really, really hope for KC fans that these projections dont come true.


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    This just tells me how bad this years draft is going into it. I have to think they could have found a bigger name that people would want to get. I mean I know ESPN pretty much handed him the Heisman after week 4 but jeez.

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    As a Bronco fan, I really REALLY want this to be true :-)
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    and this is the beginning of the downfall of the hobby, at least for panini it is. By the end of the year they will report a loss.

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    this dude is not going no 1, alot of mocks are taking him out of no 1 and moving him down!
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    I think Andy has a better chance going and giving Kevin Kolb another run.

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    Projected #1 pick? Panini better hope he does and doesn't go in the second or third round.
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    God help the Chiefs if they take him number 1.

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