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Thread: 2012 sp authentic MUST LOOK

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    2012 sp authentic MUST LOOK

    I knew the risk just wanted to vent.

    These were my 3 hits in the box

    2 autos of a guy that retired his rookie year. Are you serious?

    I apologize if the pic is huge. Took it with my camera phone

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    Yea SP looks great this year, but I agree I've seen too many hits of guys I've never even heard of.

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    Sorry, it turns out like that sometimes.

    -Robert Lewis

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    Much like my break, solid one color patches.


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    Damn man that really sucks. Put those on ebay ASAP so you can get what you can for Glen Coffee 2.0 before that's a $.99 card.

    I wonder the odds on pulling a RPA and Threads of the same guy like that? There's not many times I feel bad for people who open boxes because I often get junk too so I'm used to it, but after seeing that I genuinely feel bad for you lol.

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    ya well it is what it is...i saved the threads pack for last thinking we can only go up from here...i was wrong

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    my 2 patches were nice from my breaks, but my base auto rcs are like who??

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    Maybe UD picked their autograph list by who they could get who would sign for the cheapest price.

    This was a while back but I knew a guy that played for the Cubs and Red Sox. He was a bench player most of the time and the card companies could get him at that time to sign 5,000 autos.

    The price they paid him was a huge amount! Yes, they paid him $2.00 per auto.

    His thought was my autograph was his first letter, little line, last name was the first letter of his last name and another little line. It took him no time to get the 5,000 autos signed.

    He would laugh and say, "well thats another $10,000 in my pocket for doing basically nothing.

    I am sure prices the card companies pay have gone up, but the principal, I would guess remains the same.

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