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Thread: 2012 sp authentic MUST LOOK

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    I pulled laMichael james sp Threads auto and SPA auto patch in same box.
    check my bucket:

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    Dwight Jones shouldn't even be in that product. He was undrafted. That's bad business practice for upper deck. There is no excuse for them putting rpa's of undrafted players. Honestly I would contact them and tell them you want a refund or you won't buy any more of their product if that's the kind of players they are using for hits. I understand its a risk but no product should have their mainline patch autos of undrafted free agent rookies.

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    Ya I mean that's what I open spa for is the rookie patch auto and to get one of this. It was bad but two in one box???

    i wouldn't have mind if I got two lamichael James because he was actually drafted and plays!!

    i don't know about calling upper deck because what would I say? It's a risk to open cards and I knew that. Just sorely disappointed.
    Collecting mainly Greg Salas Rcs/inserts/Autos

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    But also any other guys from Hawaii

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    UD picked it from topps lol. Dwight Jones was in Strata. One reason why I really stopped buying football. Putting all these junk rookie players who either quit, retired or got cut before even playing.
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    Mainly into football. Looking for RC Auto prospects, some HOFERs and Former Vols.

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    I would call and raise hell, I did when I pulled 2 V autos card in 2005 portraits at the time $110 a box!! Dude signed the letter V!! UD did say that they would no longer have him sign anymore.
    always looking for Panthers...

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