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    Need some advice on shipping lower end base cards.

    Okay I opened 6 of those blaster boxes from Walmart about a week ago. Got a couple cards Im going to keep, but no big deal. Im left with a lot of base cards that Id like to get rid of and a couple doubles of like Lebron and Kobe, etc. Only problem is Im trying to figure out how to sell them without losing money with fees and shipping on ebay. Anyone having any advice on how to go about it. I was thinking small lots maybe. Whats the best way to save on shipping?

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    small lots would prob be the best or list each one seperate and if you ship in a PWE (which is how almost all my ebay cards come even when I pay $2.50-3.00 for S&H) charge $1.00 for shipping. A box of PWE is only about $1-1.50 and then you spend roughly $0.50 to ship it out and make about $.40 each card after fees and all. I have been debating on how to do it also.
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    Ck this for Bulk ~ 100 card lots

    Hope that helps get you close. Also, try looking at paypal shipper
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    Go to the dollar general store, buy "clasp envelopes" - 8 for $1, and 1' x 6' bubble wrap rolls (cut into 6" x 12" strips)
    Sell cards in lots of 25 to 50 (you can ship 50 cards for only a little more than you can ship 25 cards - over 50 cards and the postal prices start to soar).
    Anything over 50 cards (I charge $3.29 to ship) and the posatage gets to the point where no one bids.
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