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    Looking for SPx rc au/gu cards for sale/trade

    Any ones, any years although preferably this years. I need who they are and what trade value/sale price you are looking for. I am not making offers first, and no I am not looking at anyone's sites, it takes too long. Thanks

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    I have 2 from 00-01 for sale

    Quentin Richardson auto/jsy #1026/2500
    Donnell Harvey auto/jsy #2104/2500

    Last two Richardson's to sell on ebay went for $7.25 and $7.29 shipped

    Looking for $8 delivered for the two

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    Jake, I will get back to you in 2 days or so. I am going to take them both but I need to get some more paypal to be able to buy all the incoming spx rc's. I'll pm you when I am ready to take them.

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    OK, I will hold them for you. When you get the paypal post the trade and pm me.

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    Prefrerably want to trade have these. Mainly looking for any Signature Shots or KG, McCants, Warrick, Mike Miller, Fred Jones, J.Kapono, U.Haslem and David Lee.

    99-00 AJ Bramlett RC Auto #ed to 2500
    00-01 Jerome Moiso and Donnell Harvey Jersey Autos #ed to 2500
    01-02 Brandon Armstrong Red and Blue Jersey Autos both #ed to 800
    05-06 Juluius Hodge Jersey Auto #ed to 1499

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    Hooperstar1: I am interested in the Hodge, check my site for a trade and get back to me, thanks

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