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    Tons of high end for trade- Emmitt, Luck, Russell Wilson, Brees, Manning and more

    Hey site is updated with a ton of new stuff added. I am looking for hall of famer autographs and high end super star autos of Brady, Rodgers, Manning etc.

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    You have a bunch of cards I'm interested in. Please CMB and LMK if anything interests you. Thanks.

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    soxfan- i like the rodgers ss..let me know if i have anything i can add to the wilson for it

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    OK, here's a long list of cards I'd be interested in. Also, I'm a bit behind in scanning my cards FT. Are there any particular HOF Autos you're looking for?

    Brees Allen & Ginter Auto
    Brady Topps Gallery Auto
    Brady Topp Heritage Auto
    Abdul-Jabbar Auto
    Koufax UD Auto
    Brady/Warner Auto
    Willie Mays Topps Auto

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    PM me if you're interested in anything, I like these:
    Warner/Brady dual auto
    A Rodgers Bowman Auto

    and if any PC is available
    B Sanders Topps Archives Auto
    R Grange NT Auto
    T Brady Score Auto Rc
    H Aaron/W Mays Dual Auto
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    I trade by Sell Value. Book value is ancient history.
    My PC NFT section is just that. They are cards that I have that I value and have sought after to get. Let's Trade!Hidden Content

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    jml- just anything that catches my eye..lmk if you have an offer in mind.

    nskrbc- interested in the rodgers absolute, not sure if it matches up with anything u listed though.

    giantfan- i like the kaepernick but not for unitas

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