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Thread: $80 paypal!

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    $80 paypal!

    I have $80 PayPal but I got it from selling on eBay, so it can't be used until around the 15th to the 30th of February. Have not checked out the cactus day yet. I am looking for a 1-4 card lot for the $80! Best lot wins. Scans preferred. NO LISTS (Long trade lists, lot lists are ok)
    happy offering

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    Well when it comes in feel free to cmb for it.

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    Everything is available except for PC
    Don't like a price, feel free to make an offer!
    If you don't respond to me then don't expect a response the next time!
    Sadly, I'm done with this hobby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SportsCardMIKE View Post

    could do this for $80

    Wow, I will defiantly get that from u if no one can make a better offer

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyhuey-76 View Post
    Well when it comes in feel free to cmb for it.
    same responce here as well.
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