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    I think upper deck still does, but I doubt topps will!
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    Topps Never does and the sad thing is just think of all the Bernard Pierce, Turbin, Russell Wilson, Hillman, Joe Adams, Michael Flloyd, Kirkpatrick etc redemptions just from this years topps that will expire in 2 years. You will notice alot of multi auto cards of 3 autos or more end up being redemptions .. since most of those are higher end I don't see any reason why topps shouldnt hold onto those much longer...
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    Quote Originally Posted by duane1969 View Post
    . Just because they put an expiration date on a card doesn't change the fact that what I should have gotten to begin with is an autograph and not an expired redemption.
    Interesting and well thought out point. I see your point of view. My feeling is that it is implicitly assumed that cards are only produced for a short period of time. This is something we take for granted as collectors. After a certain period of time, products have to be sunsetted and retired, in entirety. Actually, this is a very gray area and you make a great point. As a collector, I don't want companies to tie up R&D and graphic dollars on fullfilling old expired redemptions. Blame the players too. They hold out or get lazy or whatever. Rant coming so stop reading now if not interested in blather.

    Julio Jones I am talking to you! But Julio don't get too high on yourself, Panini sent me a sick R&S Gronkowski patch when I complained about being 'sans' Julio Jones. Not expired people. I am pretty sure out of the two, you will not be remembered nor your dome team pretenders. LOL. Panini should produce the Julio Jones PRETENDERS TICKET and stamp 'no auto' in yella on it.

    At the end of the day, when we don't know if it is going to be chicken or feathers tomorrow, I need a hardline cutoff date for integrity of the product. If I have a BGS 10/10 Pop 1 (which I do and I refuse to feign modesty about it); I don't need some fool trying to make a claim on an old redemption. Its over.
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    I sent it in, we will see if they do anything. If not the guy at the LCS said he would replace it with something for me, that my friends is service for the customer. I did spend almost $600 in his shop none the less.

    Ill let you guys know if Topps does anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bearsfanincltnc View Post
    I think upper deck still does, but I doubt topps will!
    I just sent one to Upper Deck and asked for a substitution. They just said no and did not return my redemprion card.

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    I wonder how many redemptions never get redeemed. I'm sure the companies bank on it and reap the benefits at the cost of the consumer.

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