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    Anyone that really knows cards able to help me out?

    I am new to collecting and dont know a whole bunch about it I do know that everyone wants mint cards but thats about it.

    There is a Weidman card ending today on ebay that has a defect on it and I dont know how severe one would rate the defect. at the bottom of the card in the middle not on the corner its like the card is seperating from its self a bit.

    I know a fella who has this same card and I do not know if his was defected or not but he wants 100 $ for it and right now this defected card on ebay is going for 23$ and it's a card I really really want just dont wanna pay 100$ for ..Could anyone tell me if this defected rookie auto /25 is worth bidding on?

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    If it's for your personal collection and you never plan on getting rid of it, I'd say go for it. However if you're trying to flip the card or really plan on selling it later, you're going to probably have a tough time. I for instance, only collect mint.

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    It's his rookie auto gold card yet, every card I buy is pretty much pc no matter who it is I dont buy and sell but Weidman is a guy I really wanna build a shrine of..Thank you kindly for your input.

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    I agree with Chris. If you are never getting rid of it then i would do it. Damaged Finest cards are even harder to resell since most are mint.

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    Book value is irrelevant for PC. We all agree; if you like it, buy it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fdgowin View Post
    Book value is irrelevant for PC. We all agree; if you like it, buy it!
    I concur

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    Quote Originally Posted by RENO911 View Post
    I concur
    Me too

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    I agree 100% with everyone else. Get it for your PC and always keep your eye out for another if you want. At least you'll have one then.
    Quote Originally Posted by hudda123 View Post
    Me too

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    Anyone have an idea on price value of a weidman/serra iron sharpen iron 25/25 be worth?

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    ^^ idk, but that's a card i would love to add to my pc, as I'm a huge Serra fan

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