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    Offering BOUNTIES on 2001 Topps Chrome RCs - Todd Heap and Deuce McAllister!!!

    I still need to break down and pick up the last of the big name rookies from the 2001 Topps Chrome set, but I just can't seem to find these two cards for my set needs:

    #258 - Deuce McAllister RC /999
    #293 - Todd Heap RC /999

    SO, I am offering a reward or bounty for just tracking these ones down for me! Pretty simple: you find either of these cards floating around out there, you let me know about it, and if I end up making a deal to knock that one off the list, I will gladly hit you up with a sweet $5 reward, just for helping me out! I am also willing to offer an extra $5 to anyone out there that might just have either of these ones lying around somewhere as well. I am looking to spend somewhere in the $10-15 range for these two ($20 would be my ceiling), and I already have the major sites that I frequent covered (eBay, Check Out My Cards, Sport Lots, Beckett), but if you can track one of these down anywhere else online, please let me know. OR, if you happen to come across either at your LCS, pick it up on the cheap and flip it over to me for an easy $15-20, I would be totally fine with that! Hit me up on here or send me a PM!!! Thanks!

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    Let's keep this one up top until I can track them down! Hit me up if you have any leads! Thanks!

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    Might have a lead on the Todd Heap, but still need help on that Deuce! Hit me up if you know anyone who has one!

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    Still looking, pushing this up top for the morning crowd!

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    Haven't bumped this one up in a few days, still looking, still paying for solid info!!!

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    Pm me i should be able to get u a heap
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    I believe I have tracked down the Todd Heap RC, still trying to find a Deuce McAllister though! Let me know if you have one!!!

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