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    Does anyone know who this is "livebreaks4you"

    Livebreaks4you is his ebay user name. Bought a card from him and then we worked out a partial trade for a vintage program. He was super nice and we had a really good conversation. He also has over 700 positive feedback and has been on Ebay since 02!

    He was going to mail the card on Monday and I was to mail the program. I mailed mine via priority mail with DC and it arrived to him on Thursday. He posted a DC number on Monday but no shipping info has been updated. I have contacted him through ebay and through his paypal email with no response going back to Tuesday when I sent him the DC# from the program.

    I'm stumped. Not a word, no card, no tracking info. But like I said he was nice and has a 11 year history on ebay with 100% feedback. I'm almost wondering if something happened to the guy or his family. I had to open a case with ebay because I chose pay after delivery so I only have until like the 8th to escalate it so that they won't charge my bank account.

    All that said, I won't lose any money but this is a 1/1 I purchased. :pray:

    First I hope he and his family are OK. But I am curious as to why I have no card, no info and no contact.

    Does anyone know who he is?


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    Not sure who he is but I've done a few breaks with him and was very satisfied...hope all is well!

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    I was looking at a break he had going 2 days ago. Don't know the person, but from everything I have seen he's a reputable seller. You never know though. Just keep doing what you are. You have to protect yourself. He would understand.

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    Thanks guys. Yea I'm just praying - first for him and then for my card secondly.

    I hope to hear from him soon. Still if anyone has any other contact info, I would appreciate it if you could share it with me.


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    If you have his name and address you can check to see if something happened to him by searching it on google. Usually will work unless his name is something like john smith.
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    don't see anything but I did find him on facebook. Surely looks like a good guy. Has a family just like mine - 2 little boys and a wife named Heather! LOL

    I think he is on the up and up. Maybe he went camping or one of the million things that is more important than cards and just isn't getting my messages.

    I did send him a friend request on Facebook. Have I crossed over into stalker status? :whistle:

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    It's only been a couple days, hold your breath, I'm sure you,ll get your stuff.

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