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    Seems like this would have to be caused by the postal system instead of the people that shipped them because that is a really high damage rate. I've been trading for years and I don't remember ever receiving a damaged card.
    Nope. Some members take little care in shipping. Just throw them in, others think that they can let a small imperfection slide, others still don't even look at the cards they have, just assume they are in good condition.

    Finally, I am beyond fussy. What others might let pass, I simply won't put up with it. There are a ton of traders out there that do not think that one small corner ding is a big deal. Unless the card is from the 50's, it's a huge deal, modern parallel and insert cards with one corner damaged are worthless. I don't trade much in Game-Used, so we aren't talking big money here.

    The thought of many is that if the card is only worth $5.00 or less, it won't matter if it's not Mint. It does matter.

    As mentioned, I've been at this for 50 years, I've seen it all.

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    I got two damage card from ebay and zero from here. So definilty not sharing your experience. Maybe you are expecting perfect card but the norm is near-mint-mint or grade 8 if not mentioned. not 9 or 10. Just a guess but if you expect card to be greater the a 8 then you should ask for that as the standard is and always been grade 8 when not mentioned. Now maybe some of us are not inspecting the card as maybe you do but still a high ratio if you ask me. Just one question, did all the dispute you place were either replace, returned or refunded? I ask since I check your negative here and did not see one for damage cards that you have left.
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    No negatives issued in 90% of the trades. I have only issued 2 negatives in 10 years on here, and only done when requested by reddoi or etmill.

    All Issues resolved.

    4-5 Trades cancelled because of damage when I received first, or the other members were new, with an MSF

    In the last 40-50 trades where the 1-2 trades were cancelled a member or two were kicked off SCF because they did the same to others.

    It's not a big deal, it's just that I went 9 years on here with only 1 Issue, then in the last year, a bit of a disappointment.

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    I feel I've been pretty lucky in this sense but have noticed people are often not squeezing toploaders together before taping them which often leads to the cards sliding out of the sleeve and up the toploader and actually getting stuck to the tape. Again, never had a card damaged because of this but I envision the day when a strip peels off the front or back of some gorgeous card haha. Also, is it just me or are there more and more damaged cards being produced? I have a PILE of 10/11 Panini stuff that has various degrees of damage and have received plenty of new stuff with minor dings and chipping...what is the acceptable level of damage?
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    The norm is near-mint mint. Anything under that, a member or seller on ebay should mention it. Like with new card and foil you can have very minor edge issue due to how they cut them but the four corner should be sharp, no scratch, crease etc... Usually the new cards are fine if handle well but often some may damage corner slightly when inserting them into a soft sleeve and that if a corner is slithly split, it not near-mint anymore, same if it's not sharp.

    Mainly the standard should be this:

    Near Mint/Mint 8
    Centering: 60/40 both ways or better on front. 80/20 or better on back. Corners: Sharp to the naked eye, but slight imperfections allowed under close examination. Edges: Relatively smooth borders. Specks of chipping visible to the naked eye are allowed. Surface: A few minor print spots. Very minor color or focus imperfections. Solid gloss with very minor scratches detectable only upon close inspection. Or a subtle metallic print line.
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    ask for scan before trading and ask about disappointing when you receive a card you've been waiting for and it comes damaged :(((
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    You can't see 90% of any card damage on a scan. People send too small of scans. You have to scan in greater than 300dpi and a scan measurement of 3 x 6 inches so you can see what's up. People never scan in this detail.

    I'm going to close this thread, as nobody reads anything I've posted after my initial comments.

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