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Thread: Tannehill AU

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    Tannehill AU

    I went in to the local wallyworld to pick up a few things and picked up one single pack of Topps and pulled this!! Yes, it is for trade.

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    CMB for it...thank you
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    Wow, I need that!
    Please check my tradelists here:
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    Wow crazy pick up. You interested in selling and what are you looking for it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanstess View Post
    CMB for it...thank you
    Hans, I like the Lynch GU but not for the Tannehill, looking for a Kelly AU for that, is there anything in my bucket you would take for that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wavescrashing View Post
    Wow, I need that!
    Please check my tradelists here:
    Waves, nice cards but not what I'm looking for, Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dxdominator View Post
    dx, nothing I'm looking for, thanks.

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