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    congrats to the finalists thanks Craig for the contest.

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    wow, what a great morning, just woke up and the first thing i did is to open the macbook to see if i was the winner,,,,
    I AM

    honestly big thanks to craig for this nice contest and much more to all the great deal i made with you in the past 2 years craig. we were always able to finalize something pretty nice and i have to say, not because i won but in my experience has a pretty active member here, your one of the best to deal with.

    one great thing is that this card was on my wantlist for 2 years now....

    thanks for the card and hope to deal again soon.

    dont forget me with some nice peter stastny auto and patches you could find.

    ohh yeah, also wanna say a big thanks to everyone else in the contest, was an exciting run.
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