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Thread: Your Next year rookie PC?

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    Your Next year rookie PC?

    If you planning on supercool collecting any rookie next years products let me know who!
    im collecting Cory Conacher as he lives near me and I've known him forever and he's also lighting it up in Tampa this year!

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    brunner. though i feel he will fetch some high prices out of the gate
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    not gonna start PC's but definitely wanna pick up some Huberdeau and JT Miller. other possibilities would be Christian Thomas, Dylan McIlrath, and Michael St. Croix if they end up getting a chance next year, although i'm not holding my breath on any of them.

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    Viktor Fasth...
    But I didn't execpted tat he would be so this good so he will for sure be quite expensive those crazy shipping rates so no thanks (or?) I don't know....

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    Niklas Svedberg Boston if he gets the chance.
    As he played for Brynas here in Sweden.
    I already collect Markstrom and Silfverberg former Brynas players.

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    Whatever cards I pull from Galchenyuk and Gallagher I will keep them and hopefully i'll pull a lot lol cause I won't be able to spend much money on them. They will sell like crazy!

    And i'm thinking about maybe keeping RC's of Damien Brunner that I pull. This guy is very good and from what I've seen of him, he reminds me of a young Datsyuk.
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    I'm thinking possibly Ryan Murray. I think he's going to be really solid next year

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    One or both of the Gally's in Montreal. :)
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    For me, Adam ERNE from the Quebec Remparts!

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