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Thread: Your Next year rookie PC?

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    Your Next year rookie PC?

    If you planning on supercool collecting any rookie next years products let me know who!
    im collecting Cory Conacher as he lives near me and I've known him forever and he's also lighting it up in Tampa this year!

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    Galchenyuk! and probably grab as much Gallagher stuff as I can.

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    Reggie Leach and Guy Lapointe OPC Rookies.

    In Mint Condition, it's easier to find one pound gold nuggets.

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    It will be Justin Schultz for me, but on a smaller level. I know his stuff will go really high, I'm hoping to get lucky and pull some from my boxes. Also, if Sena Acolatse gets a call up and some cards next year, I will grab whatever he has. He is a family friend, know him for quite a while. he plays for the SJ Sharks AHL Team.

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    As a Ducks fan, it's got to be Emerson Etem. The kids showed he is a freak in the juniors and he's playing on the top line with Getzlaf and Perry this season. Not to mention a SoCal native.
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    Gallagher, I got to see him as an awesome Vancouver Giant. I didn't think he'd actually stick with the Habs, soooooo little!! And Jordan Schroeder, another wee man.
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    Brunner for me
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    Justin Schultz will be joining Danny Watkins, Barry Brust and Steve Kelly in my local boys collection.

    I'm gonna have to pick up something of Schroeder's too.

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    Taylor Fedun if you plays a game this year. I was planning on collecting him last year before the unfortunate injury he suffered in the preseason and fractured his femur.

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    Damien Brunner, Petr Mrazek, and any other Wings.

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    Would love to get my hands on a few rookies of Justin Schultz.

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