Obviously high-end, preferably highly-graded Westbrook RC's are what I'm currently looking for the most, but I may be interested in working on the aforementioned Timeless set. I came across the Kyrie on-card while conducting a search and I rather like the design. It's a 20-card set and it appears to be the best from the 2011 and 2012 draft classes. The majority of the cards appear to be hard-signed, but I have noticed at least one on sticker (Klay Thompson). Although I find this to be unfortunate, it will most likely not stop me from making an attempt at collecting them. I'm reaching out to the community because I'd like to get your honest opinions on what you think of this particular set and if you possibly have any of the cards available FS. I've actually never worked on completing an autographed sub-set so this will be something brand new to me. Also, your opinions will definitely help with my decision quite a bit because I've yet to actually see one of these cards in person. Please let me know what you think of this set and if you perhaps have one or more of them available. Just like when it comes to the Westbrooks that I collect, I'm going to be looking for the best conditions that I can find. Although, I'm more than likely not going to be looking for anything graded.

Any opinions, information, and/or help building this set would be greatly appreciated.