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    Framed Autographed pieces FS + One Fenway Framed Panoramic

    I have the following framed pieces available for sale. Each are matted and framed in a nice cherry oak frame

    Rajon Rondo Dunk on Dwight Howard in 2009 Playoffs signed by Rondo
    Paul Pierce drive on Lebron James signed by Pierce
    Rajon Rondo "The Steal" photo
    Glen Davis/Nate Robinson Shrek+Donkey Signbed by both
    Bronson Arroyo Tag on Arod in ALCS "The Slap" photo

    Framed Panoramic of Fenway Park from Rob Arra

  2. Kronozio
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    uploaded a photo of the rondo dunk piece... all of these have a legit COA

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    Pm me a pic of Arroyo if you can, and if you'd be interested in a trade

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    Sorry the Arroyo, Pierce and Rondo all sold on ebay. The panoramic is all that is left

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