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    Gaylord Perry/Rollie Fingers signing fees

    Looking for exact signing fees for Rollie Fingers and Gaylord Perry with regards to baseball cards. Thanks.

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    They are both at Spring Training games quite often and I believe they charge $20.

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    Pensy I am going to ST in arizona this year do you think I can get them?
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    Perry is up at the Giants stadium quite often and I saw Fingers at a game in Peoria (where I live) last year so I think you will have a good shot of getting them both. Perry, Fingers, George Foster, Fergie Jenkins and I think one other guy sign at stadiums to raise money for charity. Definitely worth the $10-$20 they charge.

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    My request to Perry is going out in tomorrow's mail. As for Fingers, I'm waiting for the card I purchased to arrive before I send off that request. I have a pending request for Jenkins that went out last Friday.

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