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    Buying your Multi-colored patches again!

    Post scans with prices or PM me. Anything two color or better i'd like to have for the right price, obviously the more color breaks the better.. Looking to spend $1-$5 per card. Will spend more than $4 or $5 per card but must be 3 color or better and low #'d. I will send paypal tonight! Also open to trading as well.
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    Cmb I have 3 I believe bad players but cool cards...2.50 each..lmk it her way thx
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    Bring me your Tim Brown Autos, GU, and numbered.Hidden Content

    R.I.P. chajones

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    Quote Originally Posted by InDaSlot81 View Post
    I'll pass on those, but thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbluecody View Post

    Feel free to pm me if anything in this link
    PM sent.

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    i have some in my sick patches folder...but not a one of them is for sale for the prices u are looking to buy at.....have a look if u have any nice steelers stuff for trade we can make a deal

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    PM sent.
    cody, your inbox is full.

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