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    How much for these two?
    Brock Osweiller Finest Rc and Prestige Rookie

    Please let me know thanks,

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    Hey Ben, what do you think of $2.00 dlvd PWE ???

    ***edit*** I just saw your sig about PWE not being one of your likes, I can do $3.00 dlvd bubble mailer, now that postage has gone up it cost me $1.69 to print a lable from home with DC # included, lmk either way! THANKS!
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    What ya need for the 2012 prestige 2012 topps rc and inserts

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    jellybn- are you interested in all of the 2012 Topps RC's & Inserts as well as the Prestige RC's & Inserts? if so I would go a dime each on them all.... and after I weigh them we can negotiate what we think is fair for the shipping cost, worst case I could send them in plastic boxes in a flat rate box for $5.00 I think is what the little one cost, PLMK what you think!

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    dpono- for cards like this it doesn't matter... I tend to get a little torqued over 100-150 BV cards being sent in plain envelopes... lol I can live with Brock being sent in PWE... if you wanna post it I'll confirm... and get payment to you.

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    Ben, I'll post the deal and PM my paypal info, will have them sent out early in the am

    jelly bn, I will get a total count of cards and see how I can pack them so they are as safe and secure as well as the cheapest option weather I can fit them into large padded or small flat rate box or whatever, if you will be on here a little while I will work as quickly as possible

    THANKS GUYS !!! KEEP THE DEALS COMING!!! I have to update the OP (original post) of course

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    alright deals are being made and I will take any offer for whats left, any interest?!?!?!

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