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Thread: 2012 topps chrome refractors!

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    2012 topps chrome refractors!

    I am looking to complete the set, I will list my needs first, then my haves. Need refractors of #1, 4,5,6,7,8,11,12,13,15,17,18,21,23,26,29,31,36,37,3 7,38,39,41,44,46,47,50,51,52,55,62,63,65,68,69,70, 71,74,76,77,78,80,81,82,83,85,88,89,90,91,95,98,10 0,102,103,104,106,107,109,110,111,112,113,114,115, 116,117,118,120,122,123,124,125,128,129,130,132,13 3,134,135,136,141,142,144,145,148,153,157,158,159, 162,164,165,166,167,171,174,175,177,179,180,183,18 4,185,186,191,192,205,207,211,214,217,219.
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    I have quite a few of your needs.

    LMK what you have to trade. Maybe we can work something out.


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    Sorry about using a reply, but here are my haves, 2012 topps chrome orange--173-Terrance ganaway, 217 Julio jones 160-Hakeem nicks,182, Big Ben, 180-Tim tebow,2-Michael egnew , 129-Wes welker, 43-Travis Benjamin 33-darelle revis, 46-Matt hasselbeck, 121-ray Lewis, 188-steve smith,123-Shea McLennan 165-joe flacco. 2012 topps chrome purple 83-anquanboldin 130 michae turner 25-roddy white 7-jay cutler,102-tambaHali 121-ray Lewis, topps chrome blue-154 James Allen,-208,antonIo gates ,90-Dwight Bentley, 169-Hakeem nicks. Topps black 154 Jared Allen, 107-Darren McFadden, 9-Doug Baldwin, 196, billy Winn 108-Matt Khalil. Topps camo, 181 Mario Williams, 127, lagerrette Blount, 39-mjd,110,Jon Baldwin, 49- Cyrus gray46-Matt hasselbeck, 75-Reggie bush, 15, Alfonzo den nard,38, Lamar miller,52- Torrey smith, 202--isaha pead

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    I got 4,15,31,36,39,44,129,185. PM me and we can deal. Thank sin Advance.

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    I also have topps chrome pinks-28 dre Kirkpatrick,57-Michael brockers, 126-Matt stafford, 176-Bruce Irvin,217-Julio jones58-Charles Woodson,182-big Ben,107-Darren McFadden, I also have refractors#\216 of 18-frank gore, 188- steve smith, 170-mike Wallace, 112-Aaron Hernandez,184-Tim hightower

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    My topps chrome refractors I have are 182,45,189,194,163,149,143,108,121,72,67,35,189,13 8,19,201.
    I have # 140 Russell Wilson R. O. Y. Refractor and I would be willing to trade it for a plain Andrew luck refractor.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I don't need any of the refractors you listed. I still need a few inserts & Lions Rainbow stuff, but as I said, nothing you've listed.

    Thanks anyway.

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    Anybody.......have ........topps chrome refractors............2012???????...........For Trade????????

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    I have #115 Calvin Johnson, and #142 Chris Givens RC. I can trade for a colored refractor or 2 pending on the player(s)

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    i can use these

    aaron hernandez /216
    pink julio jones
    orange ray lewis
    purple ray lewis

    i have 5 of the refractors you need.. you can also check my bucket for other stuff.

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