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    just figured out what my new pc will be!

    ok so now I know who, that was actually the hard part. I start a new job next week and get my first paycheck 2 weeks after that, so at that point I will reward myself with a good start on the new pc. Here's why I posted this. Since I'm in such a good mood :): I will make this fun for others. Whoever guesses my new pc player I will purchase $15 sv pc add for their pc. Winner just send me a need list for their pc and I will find something of $15 sv and purchase it then send it to them. Why not just send $15 PayPal? Cause that's no fun. So here's your clues.

    he has plenty of product, currently plays (not retired), and patches are more than 2 colors. That's it! I wasn't gonna make it too easy :winking0071:

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    I'm actually not 100% sure if he is. I know he played. Just not sure how much.

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    no. Will continue to give more hints as this goes on.

    its not a Texans player

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    Mohamed sanu ?
    Dolphins PC: 9486 1300+ Gu'ed & Auto

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    Michael Floyd?
    Collecting Arizona Cardinals

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