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    Michael Egnew or Mark Ingram (Im thinking hes not a starter)?


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    hahaha with a free $15 sv pc add you didnt think i was gonna make it easy did you?

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    today has been a great day! finally got to 100 feedback and am RED! last 2 took forever lol. signed my divroce papers after 4 years of waiting (this is a good thing)

    AND THE WINNER IS...... WVcoltsfan with MICHAEL EGNEW......................

    Quote Originally Posted by WVcoltsfan View Post
    Michael Egnew or Mark Ingram (Im thinking hes not a starter)?

    why egnew?

    1. cause everyone pulls him and nobody wants him.
    2. he's cheap
    3. he has plenty of product
    4. i wanted a second pc that i could look at that was colorful and didnt cost much money....i actually have wanted to start a dolphins player pc for the last 2 years. almost did edmond gates last year, but went against it and im glad i did with the stuff coming out this year.

    SO! WVcoltsfan if you would send me your pc need list, or have list of certain players if that easier. I can see from your sig who i need to look at, but want to make sure i dont get something you already have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christianfriend View Post
    Jacoby Jones
    i actually have a sad sob story about a pc of jones i had in 2007......HAD being the word and LOST being the second. consisted of bowman chrome refractor rainbow, refractor auto rainbow, triple threads rainbow (if you want to call it that) which included the platinum 1/1 base set rc, was really really nice! so anyway i wont pc him again. bad memories

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