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    Feb 2013 GENERIC TRADING THREAD! FOUR MONTHS of breaks added! 2x in your favor (?)

    PLEASE read the following and if at all possible, let's follow this format:

    -You name what you like.
    -I'll name what I like.
    -You make the offer, we work from there.
    -If you reply, please follow up, even if it's just to say no.

    I like to know what cards we're dealing with up front, so please, let's start with a want list. I'm sorry if this sounds like a bit much, but it's how I like to operate and it will save everyone a little time/effort.

    Also, I'd like the make the following offer:

    -If we're dealing with 30 BV items and below on my end, and a 100+ BV item on your end, I'll go 2x in your favor. For example, you have a 150 BV card I'd like, I'll give you 300 BV worth of smaller items.

    It looks like my bucket is completely up to date! Anyone up for a trade?

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    2005 playoff honors game day souveniers curtis martin gu jersey ball 032/250
    2007 bowman sterling refractor curtis martin gu 138/199
    2010 certified c j spiller gu 173/250
    2012 topps chrome michael floyd gu
    2012 topps chrome t j graham gu
    2012 topps prime triple relic michael floyd 002/194

    2001 sp sign of the times torry holt auto

    lmk if can use any

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    Interested in trading for the following:

    Doug Martin Prominence 4-clr patch AU/90
    Spiller Contenders auto
    Justin Blackmon FOTG Die-Cut AU/25
    Jim Brown Gridiron Gear Helmet Auto
    Jordy Nelson 3-clr SPA
    Josh Gordon Absolute auto

    check out these 2 links plus the following unscanned autos:

    Mid End to High End Football FT

    AutosPatchesGU FS FT

    12' Absolute Brandon Weeden "AFC" RPM 2-clr Patch On-Card auto 16/25
    12' Absolute Lamar Miller War Room Materials "white jersey" auto 22/49
    12' Absolute Cyrus Gray Spectrum Gold Auto 136/299
    03' Absolute Shane Victorino Spectrum Auto 121/ OF for the RedSox
    12' Certified Brandon Pettigrew Mirror Blue Auto 20/49
    11' Gold Standard Quinton Carter "Safety" Rookie Auto 278/499
    11' Prime Signatures Dion Lewis Rookie Auto 40/49 SP
    11' Gold Standard Austin Pettis 2-clr RPA patch Auto 039/525

    I'm gonna be heading out 4 awhile but i'll be sure to get back to u later today. lmk if u see anything u like from me. thanks jeff

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    Interested in the Moss/Revis Dual Patch and the Certified Brady Patch #/25. LMK
    Always looking for Patriots Jerseys/Autos!

    Hidden Content - Bucket

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    jrs865 - Like I noted in the scan, the Jim Brown is likely not for trade. I do like these:

    -AJ Green Contenders
    -Kurt Warner auto
    -Cobb SPA

    Possibly the Baldwin Contenders, too. Let me know!

    SuperZeke50 - I like these:

    -Luck auto/GU
    -Curtis Martin auto (either)
    -Julio Jones SPA
    -Reggie Wayne helmet/auto
    -Maurice Jones-Drew Chrome auto
    -Arian Foster pylon GU
    -Griffin Prestige/Black Friday GU

    Let me know!

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    DolphinsCollector - I'm looking for the same cards from the last time we talked:

    -Willis auto
    -Pierre-Paul auto
    -Malcolm Jenkins auto
    -Eric Berry auto

    I never did hear back from you on that insert/RC thread, by the way.

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    I like the luck prestige auto lmk please thanks

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