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    Quote Originally Posted by WestCoastSkinsFan View Post
    DolphinsCollector - I'm looking for the same cards from the last time we talked:
    -Willis auto
    -Pierre-Paul auto
    -Malcolm Jenkins auto
    -Eric Berry auto
    I never did hear back from you on that insert/RC thread, by the way.
    Would you do the Malcolm Jenkins for the ginn 1/1?

    Sorry about not getting back to you before I miss some of my posts.

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    Hey, I am interested in these:
    Tom Brady G/U
    Barry Sanders G/U
    Both Stafford G/U
    Ryan Broyles

    What are you after? Please shoot me a pm. Thanks, Mark

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    didnt have time to look at ur bucket right now....but i have a card im sure ur gonna be interested looking for steelers autos of hines ward...roethlisberger..bettis...and also r wilson and luck....
    check over my bucket as well
    here is the me it works better for me

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    vikingsfan4life - I like these:

    -Gonzalez patch
    -Broyles auto/GU
    -Plunkett auto

    Let me know what you might like to do!

    mwagner24 - I do have some interest in these:

    Brett Favre 09 Exquisite gold dual jersey auto 1/35
    PEyton manning 07 TTT triple patch auto /9 (HTG)

    I'm not in a huge hurry to get any of those in particular though, but I'm willing to listen. Let me know what you might like to do!

    DolphinsCollector22 - I'd be looking for more for a printing plate. I'll pass. Thank you for the look though.

    GOBLUE17 - I'd just be looking to browse a list or bucket. Do you have a link to one?

    steeltowninwv - I would be interested in the Fletcher, but I do ask for a full want list before we start. Each area is sorted by last name, so it'll be easy to find players you're looking for. I do look forward to hearing back!

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    like the luck auto if u can find more to go with the fletcher......also like the ward timeless treasure jersey card..but not trading the fletcher on this if u find something besides the fletcher for the war..lmk...

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    Lots of nice stuff! Interested in these first...

    Juron Criner Strata Auto /150
    Marcus Allen Signed Mini Helmet
    Taiwan Jones Contenders Auto
    Taiwan Jones Topps Legends GU /150
    Tim Brown Pro Line Auto
    Ken Stabler Auto /37

    This stuff also...

    Darrius Heyward Bey SP Authentic Patch Auto
    Darrius Heyward Bey Certified Freshman Fabric GU
    Jamarcus Russell UD Premiere Materials GU Auto
    Michael Huff Hot Prospects GU Auto
    Jacoby Ford Playoff Contenders Auto
    Tim Brown Leaf Auto
    John Elway Auto /1000

    Please let me know if there is anything we can do! Have the RG3 Crown Royale Silhouette if it interests you at all...

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    like boldin end zone icon
    jon dwyer gu
    a amith sb pylon
    any redskin devin thomas gu

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    Grims01gt - I like these:

    -Tannehill auto/GU
    -Griffin Prime auto/GU
    -Lamar Miller Certified jumo patch

    Let me know what you might like to do!

    steeltowninwv - Again, let me know when you have a chance to make a full list of the cards you'd like, and I'm happy to get started.

    daggsy87 - I like these:

    -Ward auto
    -Griffin Crown Royale auto/GU
    -Givens helmet/auto

    Possibly the Broyles Valiant auto, too. Let me know!

    rtsjr - I like these:

    2005 playoff honors game day souveniers curtis martin gu jersey ball 032/250
    2010 certified c j spiller gu 173/250
    2012 topps chrome michael floyd gu
    2012 topps prime triple relic michael floyd 002/194
    2001 sp sign of the times torry holt auto

    Let me know!

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