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    i thought i did make a list
    luck auto and ward time treasures

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    steeltowninwv - Ah, my apologies, I thought you were just giving me the highlights. Do you mean the Ward National Treasures GU, by the way? I don't think I have anything of his from Timeless Treasures.

    I like these:

    -TY Hilton Topps Chrome auto
    -Fletcher auto/GU
    -Julio Jones laundry tag GU

    Possibly the Tony Gonzalez patch, too.

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    lmk these

    2005 playoff honors game day souveniers curtis martin gu jersey ball 032/250
    2010 certified c j spiller gu 173/250
    2012 topps chrome michael floyd gu
    2012 topps prime triple relic michael floyd 002/194


    boldin end zone icon
    jon dwyer gu
    a amith sb pylon
    errell suggs gu

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    Sent you a PM, hope we can get something done! Thanks.
    Collecting any and all Oakland Raiders and Winnipeg Jets - Current or Former, just need to be wearing their logo on the card!

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    cmb you have a bunch of 9ers stuff I like. let me know.
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    We collect:49ers (especially Frank Gore), multi-colored patches, vintage rookies & stars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WestCoastSkinsFan View Post
    jrs865 - Like I noted in the scan, the Jim Brown is likely not for trade. I do like these:

    -AJ Green Contenders
    -Kurt Warner auto
    -Cobb SPA

    Possibly the Baldwin Contenders, too. Let me know!

    SuperZeke50 - I like these:

    -Luck auto/GU
    -Curtis Martin auto (either)
    -Julio Jones SPA
    -Reggie Wayne helmet/auto
    -Maurice Jones-Drew Chrome auto
    -Arian Foster pylon GU
    -Griffin Prestige/Black Friday GU

    Let me know!
    Based upon what u liked of mine:

    Baldwin contenders, AJ Green Contenders, Warner Skybox auto and Cobb 3-clr SPA.....what trade value do u have in the Doug Martin Prominence patch auto, Spiller contenders, Blackmon Die cut Certified auto and Jordy Nelson SPA as i like these 4 autos the most. I think we can work out a fair deal for a small trade or hopefully a bigger deal. lmk jeff
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    Quote Originally Posted by cotto15 View Post
    I like ur gu/au blackmon
    cmb please

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