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    Here's my go round

    Soon to be graded Phil Esposito RC

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    Nice '65-66 Espo RC. Looks like it should grade pretty high from what I can see. Perhaps a EX-MT to NM? Which company are you sending it to, PSA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fleemur12 View Post
    Nice '65-66 Espo RC. Looks like it should grade pretty high from what I can see. Perhaps a EX-MT to NM? Which company are you sending it to, PSA?

    Gonna be going with PSA, hoping for a 6 minimum on the grading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cujofan2000 View Post
    What are we considering vintage?

    1. Could a card with "vintage" memorabilia be considered vintage?

    2. The oldest card I have in my collection is a probably my Super Mario Rookie, would that be considered vintage?

    I replied to this pretty much right after you posted it... I guess it never finished loading the page. Grrr!
    Anyways, to answer your first question... No. That wouldn't work for this week. The card itself has to be vintage.

    Secondly, Vintage is classified as anything over 30 years old... though not sure if the rules change when it comes to hockey cards.
    I would say that anything pre-1980 should work, and we'll just let the voters decide on their favorite.

    Quote Originally Posted by 09232003 View Post
    I think its vintage if its from 1980 and back
    as for the vintage memorabilia , no I dont think thats considered vintage

    just my opinions here


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    Too lazy to actually get them and re-scan with my name, so I will just show them off. Great stuff so far everyone. This is my great great uncle (maybe great great great, not sure).

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    Sweet cards (and match cover)! These are historic cards due to the sets they belonged to, as well as for your family history. The first card is an example from the '33 V357 Ice Kings set, released by the Canadian World Wide Gum company as a way to promote their Ice Kings gum. (World Wide Gum was owned by the American Goudey Gum Company, which had already made a splash by releasing the first ever baseball gum cards in early 1933).

    The second card is from the '33 O-Pee-Chee Hockey V304A set. The V304A was OPC's first hockey set to be released, and contained one card per pack and one piece of gum...for 1 penny.

    Amazing to think that back in the day, collectable cards got their start as a back seat to a piece of gum.

    As for the man - Charles Henry "Charley, Rabbit" McVeigh was born March 29, 1898 in Kenoria, Ontario and spent much of his youth in Manitoba, playing junior hockey in Winnipeg. He would serve in World War I with the Canadian forces, losing part of his hearing during battle. Upon returning, he continued playing hockey and eventually played as a forward for 392 games in the NHL, scoring 84 goals and 88 assists as a member for both for the Chicago Blackhawks and the New York Americans.
    McVeigh was nicknamed Rabbit because he was so quick on the ice. He was only 5'6" and weighed 145lbs. However, he was also known as quite the scrappy player, serving him well against being taken advantage of by bigger players. After retiring from the NHL, he continued to use his considerable skating talents and became a linesman and finally a ref in the NHL. He also retained his feisty nature. As a linesman, McVeigh once called a close one on the Detroit Red Wings. Ebbie Goodfellow, the Red Wings captain, was giving McVeigh a tough time about the call, hovering over and yelling at the smaller man. Calmly, McVeigh waited until Goodfellow paused for breath and quietly but seriously told the man, "Listen! In the last war I got a dollar ten a day for killing big tramps like you!"

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    Hahaha thanks for the info! I know about the cards because I acquired them myself, no one else in the family has been in to cards, or at least not to the level I am haha. Did not know he was a ref, thanks for that information! Very cool story too!

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    Phil you really gotta start scanning all your incoming stuff with your name, so that you don't just have to play for funsies in the future. Your PC is SO diverse and SO cool!
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