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    Card Value

    Looking for opinions on the low to high end range of the value of this card.
    Lyoto Machida / Rampage Jackson Dual Auto mat relic /25

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    With Rampages decline...I would say $125 ish.. prob more?
    I remember in Machidas hayday and when Rampage beat Liddell..that card fetched $300 easy

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    I really like the card myself being a machida collector but i personally wouldnt give 100 bucks for it just cause the simple reasoning of rampage being on it, maybe some die hard fan will want it cause rampages dismissal of zuffa?

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    about 8 or so months ago the last one that sold on ebay went for $250 and i beleive it was a one color relic. I realize the market is down right now, but looking for a low to high end range.

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    i say 80-200 depending on buyer, id throw it on ebay a week before the machida/hendo match with a BIN/BO $250

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    This is a round 2 card with a multi colored relic... I would say $150-$250. I feel the rd 1 and 2 cards should command more value.

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    Ive had it on ebay numerous times BIN/BO with no action, not one person offered. I think people are looking for a deal so they want to steal it for cheap auction style. If anyone is interested, We are going to raffle the card off over on Probably something like 10 spots for $20 a piece. Thanks for everyone's opinion.

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    Raffle is live over on if anyone is interested. 6 spots left. $20 a piece. winner is determined by randomizer

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