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    2012 SP Authentic and 2012 Prizm

    Case break of SP a few days ago and a couple of group box breaks of Prizm last night.

    SP I had the Broncos and I got a Ronnie Hillman Sign of the Times hand numbered 2/10.

    Brock Osweiler Rookie Auto Patch 063/425

    Elway Stadium Authentics...and a few other cards of Hillman, Osweiler and Elway.


    Terrance Ganaway Red Prizm out of 4 packs from here the other day.

    And last night out of 4 group box breaks I hit:
    AJ Green Gold 10/10
    And in the same box I hit a Prizm Auto of Cam Newton numbered 1/3!

    In later boxes I ended up with a Davone Bess Red and a Ryan Tannehill Auto /250...along with some rookies.

    So how did I do?

    I wish I had the scans, but the break was last night so hopefully I'll have the scan of the Cam tomorrow.

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    Definatley looks like you had a few of the case hits for sure!
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    Looks like you did really well, plenty of nice hits!

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    Yeah, I was pretty happy with the Newton 1/3. Hopefully I'll have some scans to put up tomorrow or Tuesday.

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    nice break and hits!


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    Having problems getting the scans posted to the thread, but heres a link to my bucket if you guys wanna check out the Cam. Hope it works.

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    Love that Cam! Great card and great pull. Kudos with the Gold Green as well!!
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    Very nice hits on your low numbered stuff. Plus you got the Osweiler and Tannehill too.

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    Thanks. When I ended up with the Bengals and the Panthers I didn't think I'd end up with much from the box. Then those two fell within like 6 packs of each other. Anyone have any ideas on a price range on the Cam? Like if it went up on the bay or something. Don't have a whole lot to base it on since mine is the only one I know of so far. One of his golds just went for 199.50 on there.

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