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    Exclamation Paying TOP $$$ / trading in your favor for these cards LOOK!

    2005 Prime Cuts Nicknames
    I have these...
    E.Banks B-B-H-J-J/50
    S.Musial B-B-J-J-P-P/50
    Dennis Eckersley J-P-P/50
    Ozzie Smith B-B-P/5
    Bob Gibson H-J-J-J/10

    Cal Ripken B-H-J-P/50 "IRON"
    Dwight Gooden B-H-J/50 "DOC"
    Babe Ruth B-J-J-P/50 (yeah right) "BABE"
    Carl Yastrzemski B-H-J/50 "YAZ"
    Ryne Sandberg B-FG-H-J/50 "RYNO"
    W.Mays NY B-B-B-J-J-J/50
    W.Mays SF B-B-B-J-J-J/50
    Any help is appreciated! Links to auctions, asking your pals, whatever!
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    I'm going to move this from the Talk forum to the Trading forum.
    - Andy

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    are these from a certain set? i have a ripken jsy if that's what you are looking for.

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    yeah there from 2005 prime cuts if you have the Ripken it will be Bat, hat, jersey, pants, and spell out "IRON" if you have this card post a scan please!

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    gotcha. missed the top part there. don't have that one.

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    updating the list...this makes me so happy!
    I need these...
    Dwight Gooden B-H-J/50 "DOC"
    Babe Ruth B-J-J-P/50 (yeah right) "BABE"
    Carl Yastrzemski B-H-J/50 "YAZ"
    W.Mays SF B-B-B-J-J-J/50

    I have these...
    E.Banks B-B-H-J-J/50 in hand
    S.Musial B-B-J-J-P-P/50 in hand
    Dennis Eckersley J-P-P/50 in hand
    Ozzie Smith B-B-P/5 in hand
    Bob Gibson H-J-J-J/10 in hand
    Cal Ripken B-H-J-P/50 "IRON" incoming
    W.Mays NY B-B-B-J-J-J/50 incoming
    Ryne Sandberg B-FG-H-J/50 "RYNO" incoming

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