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    card show today was horrid someone sell me something nice

    1-100 cards w.e works just looking for something nice not checking buckets broncos and falcons a plus

    only want nice autos nice patches or nice patch autos

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    pm me if interested... ive got a few demaryius thomas autos so lmk

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    I can do this lot for 32 if interested, patch /25

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    1. Main player wants- P. Manning/R. Moss/L. Tomlinson/D. Brees/M. Faulk
    2. If you ask for prices and don't reply with an answer I will not be replying to your "price" questions anymore. If not interested a simple no will do.

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    hey B check my bucket. I also have a jamaal charles and matt forte 3 color SPA. shoot me a text if you see anything.
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    tyler like the hillman and my cell is broken get ahold of me on here if u need something

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    have an osweiler 1 color jersey plus some more stuff pm me and ill get you a list of things

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    CMB will unload for cheap. LMK.
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