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    take all these cheesheads, I mean packers for 22 dlvd. the rodgers jersey is /25.

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    Im looking to trade for or purchase any Hines Ward's that I do not currently have.

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    Hines, I like the Ray Rice's, the Jim Kelly and the Cam Newton's. Check other threads, I like those cams

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    Alworth is now traded. Anyone want anything else from this or any of the threads, please let me know.

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    I like the aj green sp auto
    Looking for Russell Wilson, Marcus Allen, J.J. Watt
    Trying to collect Topps Archives Autographed cards, Baseball or Football
    My Bucket is a work in progress right now.
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    dunoon, great stuff man. Like the Berra, Carew, Seaver, Ryan. You liked some cards on my other thread.

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