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Thread: OVerpriced?

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    I found this on ebay, and even if it is a 1/1, I think it might be overpriced. What do you think?

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    Hey the seller says in the description its a special one of one. It was the only one of one made it says so its way more special than those other 1/1's out there. :)

    But really people are always overpricing their cards on ebay hoping someone gives them a good enough offer and so they don't necessary get cut out of a big pay day even if most of us know that there really isn't a "big" pay day for every 1/1 out there.

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    It's kind of odd to see MMA Sketch card's go for so much, when comic sketch cards on average don't go for nearly as much as average mma sketch's. Honestly I wouldn't pay over 50 dollars for a Sketch of Cruz, but that's because of my budget.

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    I would pay a fair bit for the Ian McCall Brad Utterstrom sketch. But it's actually really good. That one is awful, I wouldn't pay $10 for it.
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    It also says it's done on 8X10 "high quality copy paper from Staples" ... LOL!!!!

    I know this seller from Twitter and BlogTV, and I'm sure this was done strictly as a joke, and/or a way to get some free publicity and advertising. Notice the big ad at the bottom of the listing? Quite honestly, I think a true Bradu 1/1 sketch card of Nick Diaz would easily sell for $399.

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    I really wanted the Rich Franklin sketch card, but wasn't willing to pay $100 for it. was really nice.

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    Looks like the seller is trying to promote their website that is there below the description.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CUTLETT View Post
    Quite honestly, I think a true Bradu 1/1 sketch card of Nick Diaz would easily sell for $399.
    Pretty sure it went for quite a bit more than that!

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    I just re-read the auction, and the ARTIST is NICK DIAZ, so it's a self-portrait! (This is a Sketch card done by Nick Diaz UFC future champion.) That makes it a little more interesting, but...

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    Shoot, I think I found a new way to make extra cash lol. I'm gonna start "drawing" sketch cards and sell them for $100 a pop. What do you think I could get for a stick figure drawing of GSP?

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